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Welcome to World Jersey Cattle Bureau

The Bureau represents Jersey breeders, and their organisations, around the world and is incorporated on the Island of Jersey with its registered office at the Royal Jersey Showground. The Bureau’s administration is run from the UK. Our mission is:

'Jersey - the Sustainable Choice'

Creating on-going economic improvement; making Jerseys the sustainable choice for every dairy farmer

The Dairy Queen

Learn about the Bureau. ‘The Dairy Queen’ is a comprehensive history of the breed, its breeders, our member organisations and the Bureau.​

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Tours & Meetings

An International Conference, held every three or four years, is the most important event in the Bureau’s activities. An Annual Meeting is hosted in each interim year.

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Keep abreast of developments in the Jersey world.


There are five categories of Membership – National, Associate, Affiliated, Individual Life, Organisational. To apply for Individual Life membership or find links to Member countries.


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Pedigree Registration

Registration requirements across member organisations for Full and Grade / Supplementary Herdbook status.

Also recommendations to member organisations to standardise the recording and reporting of genetic recessives and defects.

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Knowledge is power, and to improve the exchange of research data, the Bureau established a Scientific Advisory Committee.


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The Bureau recognises the exceptional work of individuals and organisations, on behalf of the breed, through its Achievement Awards

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Young Breeders

Encouraging Youth education and international exchange is a major aim of the Bureau. The prestigious JETA leadership programme.

Recipients of the 2018 Jersey Educational Travel Award have been announced.

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Cheese Awards

Since 2008 the highly successful World Cheese Awards have been staged to promote cheese made from pure Jersey milk. More than 100 entries have been received for each exhibition.


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