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Alongside the farm’s main Holstein herd, the 2019 NMR/RABDF Gold Cup winning Sloan family manage Jerseys. Robert Sloan explains the reasons for establishing this second herd.... More
Just a short message updating you of the government funded trial on crossbreeding yaks with the Jerseys undergoing here. You could see the photos of the Jersey bulls and their crossbred offsprings grazing on the pasture at the elevation of 3500 metres happily.

I also have had two calves born in my Jersey herd this year and am expecting another one in days. The first crop crossbred cattle offsprings by my own bull are very good with very correct conformation, no calving difficulty at all, and very fast growth without signs of brisket disease, therefore is now gaining popularity rapidly among the villagers. Two male weanings have already been sold at a price five times higher than a local yearling, helping villagers gain income very effectively.

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