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Meeting Papers 2018 - 2023

WJCB 2022 Annual Council Meeting

Agenda Agenda
4 Minutes 2021 Council Meeting Minutes
6 Bureau Business
6b Vice Presidents Reports
- Africa
- Europe
- North America
- Oceania
6c Secretary's Report
6d Treasurer's Report
6e Approve Accounts for 2021
. 6f Budget 2023 - 2024
EJF Conference Papers
1 Feed Efficiency & CHG Emissions
2 French Breeding Programme

WJCB 2021 Annual Council Meeting - by Correspondence and Virtual

Agenda and Notes

Agenda and Notes

. 2021 Council by Correspondence Report
4 Council Minutes Minutes of the Council Meeting held by Correspondence in 2020
6 Bureau Business 6a



President's Report
Vice Presidents' Reports
- Africa
- Europe
- Latin America
- North America
- Oceania:

...................... Australia
.......................New Zealand
Secretary's Report
Treasurer's Report
Audit Report
Approve Accounts for 2020
Approve Budget for 2022
Associate Member Application - SHMPA Malawi
9 Any Other Business 9a Awards
WJCB Awards Summary
Certificate of Achivement Citation - B. Schuler
Certificate of Achivement Citation - A. Vander Meulen
Certificate of Achivement Citation - J. Vander Meulen

WJCB 2021 Bureau Meeting



Minutes Minutes 2018
EGM Minutes

2020 WJCB Annual Meeting - by Correspondence

2019 - Latin American Jersey Forum

Report of the Successful First Forum

2019 - Rwanda and Kenya

Council Agenda
Council Minutes 2018
President's Report
VP Report Africa
VP Report Europe
VP Report Latin America
VP Report North America
VP Report Oceania - Australia
VP Report Oceania - New Zealand
Secretary's Report
Treasurer's Report
Accounts 2018

Tour Pictures

Background to Rwandan Agriculture

Regional Dairy Workshop
(held in Rwanda)

Session 1

Why Dairy: The Rwandan Experience
Milk Marketing and the Jersey Advantage - The Basics

Session 2

Jersiaise Et Production Laitiere Au Senegal (French)
The Role the Jersey Plays Within SHMPA (Malawi)
How Can We Prove the Jersey Offers the Answers
Why the Need for a Dairy Profit Index Fit for Purpose in East Africa

Session 3

The Jerseys Place in Ethiopia - Now and in the Future (Ethiopia)
Infusing Indigenous Breeds with the Jersey - Benefits

2018 - USA

EGM Minutes
Council Meeting Minutes
2017 Council Meeting Minutes
Bureau Meeting Minutes
EGM Papers
Annual Meeting Papers
Bureau Meeting Papers
Breed Meeting Agenda
TVJersey Interview with JETA Winners
Conference Booklet
Conference Speaker Profiles
Speaker Presentations:
Glenn Fishcer - Animal ID and Emerging Technologies
Andrew Le Gallais - Adding Value: The Power of the Pedigree
Larry A. Schrim - Does the World Want Your Cow?
Dr. Dennis Savaiano - Milk Intolerance: Is it More Than Lactose
Dr Henry Zerby and Jerad R. Jaborek - Evaluating Jersey Beef Opportunities
Dr. Kent A. Weigel - The Improvement of Feed Efficiency Study
Dr Jorn Rind Thomasen - Breeding for Improved Feed Efficiency and Reduced Emission in Dairy Cattle with Special Focus on Jersey
Dr Joao Durr - Horizons for Genetic Evaluations