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The Diary Queen

First Conference 1949

The Jersey Bulletin's detailed report on the First World Conference can be downloaded here

The Dairy Queen

A very good way to learn more about the Bureau and the Jersey breed is through The Dairy Queen – a comprehensive and informative book.

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What is the World Jersey Cattle Bureau

The Bureau represents Jersey breeders, and their organisations, around the world. There are five world regions of the Bureau - Africa, Asia/Oceana, Europe, Latin America and North America. Each region has a dedicated Vice President, elected by the WJCB Council.

The Objectives of the Bureau are:

* To encourage good will and cooperation, generate research, promotion, education and coordination between individuals and organisations involved in enhancing the Jersey breed in all parts of the world.

* To promote, and assist with the promotion of, the Jersey breed and all products derived there from.

* To encourage and support individuals and organisations to discover, develop and utilise improved methods of breeding, feeding and management under varied agricultural conditions and by the use of the Jersey breed in the most constructive manner.

* To act as a coordinating and an advisory body having no jurisdiction over the internal affairs or domestic policies of its National Members, National Associate Members or National Affiliated Members.

* To encourage the education of young people interested in the Jersey breed through exchange programmes between countries and providing assistance and encouragement to member countries with their youth programmes.

Membership is made up of National, Individual Life and Organisational categories

There can be one National Member per country. It is a recognised Jersey breed society, or association, formed for the purpose of encouraging or improving the Jersey breed of cattle.

Full National Members are entitled to have two delegates, normally the President and Executive Secretary, or equivalent, with voting rights on the Bureau Council.

National Associate Members pay a small subscription which gives them one voting right at the Bureau meeting and observer status at the Council meeting.

National Affiliate Membership is for countries without a breeder structure; there is no membership fee. Affiliate Members have observer status at both the Council and Bureau meetings.

Individual Life Membership is available to any individual interested in the objectives of the Bureau. There is a single Life Membership subscription, and membership is not transferable.

Organisational Membership is available to any organisation interested in the objectives of the Bureau and is for a term of five years, after which time renewal is possible.

Officers of the Bureau

The officers of the Bureau must be Individual Life Members and shall be:

* The President, elected by the Bureau
* Vice Presidents for each of the five regions of Africa, Asia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America and North America.

The President and Vice Presidents are elected by the Bureau at each International Conference

* Secretary
* Treasurer

The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the Council. At all times either the Secretary or the Treasurer shall be a Jersey resident.


The Bureau is managed by an elected Council made up of:

* The Officers of the Bureau.
* Two delegates from each National Member
* An observer from each National Associate Member and National Affiliated Member with no voting rights.

Patrons and Honorary Life Councillors

The Council may nominate Patrons and Honorary Life Councillors who may attend meetings of the Council and the Bureau.